Monday, April 6, 2009

Pittsburgh Gay/Lesbian Bar - Cattivo

Friday night Sarah and I went out for our third anniversary. We went to dinner and then out for drinks at a local gay/lesbian bar called Cattivo located in Lawrenceville, PA on 44th street. This is a little hole in the wall bar, but not bad. I cannot stand crowded bars where you have to fight for a seat and scream for the other person to hear you. Drinks were reasonably priced, service was friendly, music was good. Oddly enough, smoking was permitted, regardless of the smoking ban, so I was quite surprised by that. Honestly, I would return to that bar simply for the fact that I can smoke there. No lesbian drama going on the night I was there, just people having fun, dancing, talking, playing pool, and drinking. They are suppose to have pretty good food, although Sarah and I didn't eat that night. There were mostly women there, only a few guys. We decided we would go back again.

Hope this helps.

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