Friday, March 27, 2009

Gay Marriage in New England

I Just read this article, and its very frustrating and discouraging. I suppose we should be use to this feeling by now. We think we are gaining some ground, then we get the hope ripped out of us. Will we ever have equality? This is how people must have felt during the Civil Rights movement. I have heard some people say its not the same, but to me, it is very much the same. Its the same attitude of, "I am better than you, I get more rights because I am "normal." It's the same hatred and fear of what one does not understand.

Just last week I was unable to join my girlfriends Gym membership, because I am not her legal spouse. I was told that I would have to sign up for a separate membership. Now, I know that I could join and have my own membership, but that's not my point. I didn't want my own membership, I wanted to be on with my girlfriend, and I was not allowed to be because of my sexual orientation. My girlfriend and I would have been married long ago, if it were legally possible. Now, we canceled her membership at that particular gym, went down the road, and signed up at another gym that same day, and yes, we are on the same account, thank you. The gym that we withdrew our business from was Bally's. I refuse to continue to patronize a business that discriminates against me.